3 Best Times to Clean Gutters

3 Best Times to Clean Gutters

The best time to clean gutters ultimately depends on the tree coverage surrounding your property. The climate, type of trees, and how close the trees are to your roof/gutters are all factors that dictate how often or when is the best time to clean your gutters. As a rule of thumb, gutters should be cleaned at least once or twice a year. Late Spring and late Fall are the best times to clean gutters because this gives the trees sufficient time to drop their foliage.

Late Spring:

Cleaning gutters in the Spring is important because trees will continue to drop foliage over the winter and these debris can accumulate inside of the gutters. In the Spring trees drop additional leaves, catkins, helicopters, whirlybirds, seed pods, flowers, pinecones, and more. It is essential to give the trees ample time to drop their foliage so late Spring is prime time for the first gutter cleaning of the year.

Late Spring Gutter Cleaning
Late Fall Gutter Cleaning

Late Fall:

Many trees shed their leaves in the Fall to protect themselves from the winter. These massive amounts of leaves can cover the roof and fill the gutter systems. It is critical to remove these large amounts of leaves before winter sets in, especially if you’re in a region where it freezes and snows. If the debris are left inside of the gutters and it rains, freezes, and then snows, the amount of weight inside of the of the gutters could be unbearable for the supporting brackets. This is a huge cause for gutters falling off homes over the Winter season.

Summer Gutter Cleaning


If you happen to live in a region that experiences strong storms in the summer, then you may need to add an additional gutter cleaning to your scheduled cleanings because high winds are another major cause of clogged gutters. Branches and clusters of leaves can fall onto roofs and inside of gutter system. These clusters can easily clog a downspout and create an overflowing gutter situation very quickly.

Gutter Screens

A very common misconception is that gutter systems with gutter guards installed do not need to be cleaned. Gutter guards still need to be cleaned occasionally as debris will accumulate on top of the hoods and can also get stuck between the gutter guards. These accumulations can affect the performance of the gutters because the debris can restrict or impede the water from flowing into the gutters properly.

Final Thought:

Don’t forget that gutter cleaning is a very dangerous task with a high risk of falls. Remember to take all necessary precautions and if you’re not experienced or comfortable working on top of tall ladders then it's highly recommended to hire a professional gutter cleaning service.

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