Gutter Repair FAQ’s

What are some signs that your gutters need to be repaired or replaced?

1. Gaps
Your gutters should not have large gaps between them and the house. These gutters can be repaired by adding new screw-in hidden hangers to re-secure the existing gutters back to the fascia board.

2. Cracks or fractures
If there is a visible cut in your gutters, then water will leak out onto your fascia, siding, windows, and even the interior drywalls of your home. Rainwater will not be effectively directed away from your home’s foundation as it should. Also, small cracks can eventually turn into large fractures, creating even greater problems for your entire drainage system in the future. Cracks or fractures in the gutter will require gutter replacement as a long-term solution.

3. Standing water
Standing water could indicate that there is some sort of blockage either in the gutter and/or the downspout. It could also mean that the gutter itself is not sloped or pitched properly. Both of which can be repaired or fixed and do not require replacing the gutter system.

4. Sagging gutters
A gutter that is bowing or pulling away from the home indicates that your gutters’ brackets are loose and will require gutter repair. The wood behind the gutter should also be inspected for any damage as this could be the cause of the gutter becoming loose. If the wood is damaged, then the existing gutter will need to be removed and re-installed in order to replace the damaged wood. 

5. Peeling paint
When house paint peels, it’s often due to constant moisture. Most modern paint can withstand the natural elements. If paint begins to peel or flake off the home, then it is likely that the gutter system may be overflowing or leaking. Overflowing and leaky gutters can usually be repaired.

6. Rust
Some gutter materials may succumb to rust because of age or possibly constant standing water inside of the gutter caused by a lack of slope or pitch in the gutter. While the gutters