Gutter Installation FAQ’s

A Rain Gutters most important function is to divert water away from your home. Your rain gutter system plays a vital role in protecting your home's foundation, especially here in Florida. They also help protect your structure, prevent erosion, and protect your home's landscaping.

Seamless rain gutters are continuous. Meaning, you will only find joints at the corners of your house. All our gutters here at Golden Hammer Gutters are seamless and are made to order and customized to fit your homes specifications. At Golden Hammer Gutters, we fabricate and install our custom rain gutters on-site. This allows us to create perfect seamless gutters – every time. Every home is different–there is no one size fits all rain gutter or gutter system.

Seamless rain gutters have far fewer joints and will not leak as traditional gutters are prone to do. Plus, seamless rain gutters look so much better on your home with more than 30 colors to choose from to match any home. Golden Hammer Gutters fabricates and assembles your seamless rain gutters on-site ensuring a perfect fit every time. Seamless rain gutters are much more durable than traditional gutter systems and will help protect your home for many years. Just give our experts at Golden Hammer Gutters a call and we will explain all the benefits of installing seamless rain gutters on your home or business.

Seamless gutters are the best way to protect your home from mold growth and water damage. Seamless gutters are custom fitted for each individual home and have few joints or seams between them, making them much more effective than traditional sectional gutters when it comes to preventing water infiltration. 

These superior systems not only protect your home against rainwater infiltration but also help prevent mold growth due to the lack of moisture that accumulates in otherwise leaky gutter systems. Seamless gutters will effectively divert rainwater away from your roof, foundation and other surfaces that may be prone to mold formation.

Golden Hammer Gutters will certainly haul off your old gutters. The only thing that we leave behind are the beautiful seamless rain gutters on your home.

We can repair your old rain gutter system. Just give Golden Hammer Gutters a call for a fair and honest assessment of your current rain gutter system. Our rain gutter experts will guide you in making the best decisions and have several gutter solutions to protect your home. Golden Hammer Gutters will inspect your gutters to see if gutter repairs are appropriate or if replacement is a better option. There can be rotting fascia boards behind the gutters, etc. We will be able to best determine with an on-site inspection.

It is very simple. We are not just a sales organization who uses subcontractors and doesn’t perform their own work. Most of our competitors have high rates which include subcontractor costs. We do not have these and in return we pass these savings on to our customers.

Yes, this increases the flow capacity which helps the system flush itself. Larger outlets and downspouts allow more debris to flush free. A larger system can also reduce the number of gutter cleanings needed year after year.

We can provide onsite estimates and installations without you being home. Most people like to do a walk-around to get all their questions answered and concerns addressed. We prefer to meet homeowners in person, but we understand how busy schedules can be. Because the gutters are on the exterior of the home, you are not required to be present for any of our services including free estimates.

Yes, Golden Hammer Gutters installs our seamless gutter systems with only the highest quality materials, which we back with our 5-year workmanship warranty.

We only use .032-gauge aluminum, which is the thickest gauge aluminum that can be run through our seamless gutter machines.

We only use the strongest heavy duty no-rust screw-in hidden hangers to support our gutters. These hangers are installed every 24” (2ft.) for new seamless gutter systems. We do NOT use the old-style spikes and ferrules that tend to pull away and fail after a few years.

It does not cost extra for any certain colors for our seamless aluminum gutters.

We carry $1,000,000 General Liability and Commercial Auto policies as well as workers compensation.

We never use subcontractors. All our services are performed by our own trained in-house employees.

We stand behind our work. In unusual cases where a concern comes up after a job is complete, we will come back and address that issue. We pride ourselves on having a great reputation. If you see an issue or something that doesn’t look right, just give us a call.

K-style is the most common type of gutter found on homes. “K” has to do with the shape of the gutter. Homes also may have half-round gutters. Commercial gutter installations may be done with k-style gutters, half-round, or box gutters. For more help with this, see our guide to determining what type of gutters you have.

Yes. We only install seamless gutters using .032-gauge aluminum. You can tell if your current gutters are seamless by looking at your longer runs of gutters. If there are places you can see two sections of gutter overlapping, they probably aren’t seamless. Generally, we only use seams where there are corners or some rare, special situation.

Our installation turn-around time tends to be very fast. A lot depends on you and your timetable. We can typically set up an appointment to give you a quote on your gutter system very soon after you contact us. BTW, you normally don’t need to be home for the installation, but we would need a reliable way to reach you in case there is an issue. We accept payment by check or credit card.

Gutters are meant to keep water from getting into your home or foundation. Water can cause quite a lot of expensive damage, and often it’s not until the worst of it is done that a homeowner will notice there is a problem. Water that lands on your roof in a rainstorm needs to be directed away from your home. In our line of work, we often see issues caused by poorly working gutters such as wood rot, mold, and damage to ceilings in homes when things go wrong.
Although in extreme weather, gutters might not be able to do their job, your gutters should be correctly installed and clean so that water flows through them and exits the system. Gutters that overflow or that just let water stand in them can be a hazard–even just as a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Gutters for your home and business can last for many years. They do need some care, but they are durable. Typically, we replace gutters that have pulled away from homes due to rotting wood, or have been damaged by trees. We sell heavy gauge gutters that use a heavy-duty hidden hanger screw system. The lifespan of gutters will vary depending on the type of gutter and the maintenance they receive. On average, aluminum gutters can last up to 20-30 years, while copper gutters can last up to 50 years.

Yes. We will come to your home to help you determine how to install gutters that can handle very heavy rain for your situation. We have solutions that include larger sized gutters and downspouts and diverters to make sure the rain goes where it should go!

Signs that your gutters need to be replaced include leaks, rust, sagging, or holes. If you notice any of these issues, it’s best to consult a professional for an assessment.

Yes, it is possible to install gutters on a stucco or brick exterior. Our experienced crews have the know-how to install gutters in many unusual situations. However, it may require special brackets or anchors to ensure the gutters are securely fastened to the exterior.

Why shouldn't I just buy materials and install my own gutters?

To be honest, not many homeowners have the necessary skills to install their own gutters. It might look easy, but there are many aspects to installing aluminum gutters that make it unlikely that your average homeowner can do it right. Gutters need to be cut and installed so that they sit just right on the house, with the right amount of pitch and so that they will function properly to collect all rainwater for years to come and so that they will not be a safety hazard.
Speaking of safety, installing gutters is precarious work. Our installers are experienced and know how to work in high places. If you still think you want to do the installation yourself, we recommend that you get an estimate from Golden Hammer Gutters first…after all your time and safety are worth it.