How Much Does Gutter Cleaning Cost?

How Much Does Gutter Cleaning Cost?

On average, the cost of a gutter cleaning service is $162 and varies based on the length of the gutters and/or size of the home, among other factors. A typical single-family home can expect to pay between $119 to $228 for a gutter cleaning service. The purpose of gutters is to safeguard your home by collecting rainwater from your roof and directing it away from the foundation. It is crucial to clean your gutters at least twice a year to maintain their optimal performance and condition.

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What factors influence the Gutter Cleaning cost?

The price for gutter cleaning is influenced by several factors, including the length of gutter that needs cleaning, the size of the house, and other variables. Additionally, if there are any obstructions such as large trees, numerous bushes, or an oddly positioned pool, extra charges may apply. The height and duration of the gutters above ground level are the most significant factors that affect the price.

Type of Gutters
The two primary gutter types are seamed and seamless. Seamed gutters, also known as sectional gutters, are the older style and less conventional choice, whereas seamless gutters are much more common and more prevalent in new installations. When it comes to seamed gutters, debris tends to accumulate where the gutter sections join at the seams, necessitating cleaning costs of 10% to 25% more than seamless gutters.

Length of Gutters
Professionals who clean gutters usually set their prices based on the amount or linear footage of gutters on a home. The longer the gutters, the higher the cost. Most homes have around 125 to 200 linear feet of gutters, but larger homes may have more. However, many contractors estimate the cost based on the square footage of the home rather than the length of the gutters because most homeowners know the square footage of their home but not necessarily the length of their gutters. Usually, contractors charge about $0.40 per square foot for the first floor and $0.80 per square foot for the second floor in these cases.

Height of Gutters
Cleaning gutters on single-story homes is less expensive since professionals don't require larger extension ladders to reach them. However, for higher gutters, this job becomes riskier and more time-consuming, requiring the use of larger extension ladders. As the roofline increases, so does the cost of cleaning gutters. For a one-story home, the cost is typically between $0.70 to $1.30 per linear foot, while for a two-story or three-story home, it is $1.25 to $2.50 per linear foot.

Roof Slope
An increase in cost of as much as 15% can be incurred if your roof has a steeper slope. The cost for cleaning gutters may vary greatly, contingent upon the slope of your roof. If your roof is exceptionally steep, the gutter cleaning crew will have to exercise extra caution while navigating the slanted surface. This extra caution comes at an extra cost in time which will sometime translate into a higher price to clean your gutters.

Excessive Debris
Many gutter cleaning professionals will have an additional fee for excessive debris. Expect to pay between 10% to 50% more for gutter cleaning services if it hasn't been done in a while, as there is likely to be a substantial amount of extra debris present inside of the gutters. These extra debris will often be decomposed and in the form of muck or slop. To prevent future repairs and save money over time, it is wise to hire a gutter cleaning service provider one to three times a year to remove seasonal dirt and debris. This will also improve the overall performance of your gutters.

Type of Gutter Guards
If you live in an area with heavy tree coverage, then Gutter Guards will help reduce the amount of debris that gets into your gutters and can prolong their lifespan. However, it's worth noting that not all debris can be completely kept out, so it's necessary to periodically check your gutters and have them cleaned out by a professional. Perforated aluminum gutter guards are a type of Gutter Guard that only allows debris to accumulate on top of the guard, rather than inside the gutters. Having this type of Gutter Guard can actually reduce the cost of gutter cleaning services as debris can be easily swept or blown away from the top of the guards without needing to remove the gutter guards from the gutters themselves. On the other hand, solid gutter guards or gutter helmets may allow debris to accumulate inside the gutters, requiring the removal of the gutter guard hoods to clean out the insides of the gutter systems. This process can be time-consuming and may increase the cost of gutter cleaning services.

Labor and Equipment 
The biggest chunk of the expense to clear out gutters is due to labor, and you may end up paying more during the busiest cleaning season. The typical cost for materials and equipment needed for a regular job is around $20 to $50, but if you decide to do the job yourself, you may have to spend roughly $300 to $500 on an extension ladder. We highly recommend this because Gutter Cleaning is inherently dangerous. Leave it to the professional who climbs ladders and walks on roofs daily. Gutter Cleaning professionals should also carry special insurance which covers them in case of a fall or injury. Companies such as Golden Hammer Gutters do not charge their customers extra during peak season.

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